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Tongyu Electronics-The 7th China Electronics Information Expo CITE2019 successfully concluded and ac
release time:2019-04-11 12:35:18Publisher: Tycooler

Tongyu Electronics-The 7th China Electronics Information Expo CITE2019 successfully concluded and accepted CCTV interview

       Dongguan Tongyu Electronics Co., Ltd. participated in the 7th China Electronic Information Expo (CITE2019) organized by the Songshan Lake Park of China Electronic Information Technology Industrial Park: April 9-11, and participated in the "2019 Shenzhen International Robot and Intelligent System" Forum activities such as "Academician Forum" were fruitful and the exhibition was a complete success.

        The main content of this CITE2019 Expo includes the core content of the development of the eight major electronic information industries: digital home, smart terminals, new displays, IC, artificial intelligence, automotive electronics, 5G and the Internet of Things, and smart manufacturing. For this China Electronic Information Expo, Tongyu Electronics prepared water cooling, aluminum extrusion, stamping, welding modules and other radiators for the exhibition.

       During the period, domestic and foreign customers came to the booth to inquire about the production process and parameter specifications of the radiator, and gave great praise to the global cooling solution provider and manufacturer of Tongyu Electronics, and left cards and contact information on the spot to deepen cooperation.


        On the second day of the exhibition (10th), the person in charge of Tongyu Electronics SSL Branch: General Manager Zhang Chunlin, on behalf of Tongyu Group, accepted a special interview with CCTV News Channel about this exhibition, and conducted a special interview on the exhibition and the heat dissipation solutions provided by our company. In the detailed explanation, participating in this expo will further enhance our company’s popularity, and at the same time, we can efficiently promote our products, achieve comprehensive coverage, and provide technical support for more companies. This Electronic Information Expo not only made me feel the rapid development of China's electronic information, but also saw the development opportunities of Tongyu Company.

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