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since 1992
Dongguan Tongyu Electronics Co., Ltd
We have the capability to establish offices or manufacturing facilities worldwide.
Tailored to meet the specific geographical demands of our clients' product utilization.
    • Dong Guan
      Can radiate to South China and Southwest China
    • Xin Yang
      Can radiate to East China, Central China and North China
    • Vietnam
      Overseas factories serving the world
    • Hong Kong
      A window connecting mainland China to foreign business
    • Taiwan
      Can radiate to Taiwan, Hong Kong area and all over the world
Logistics cooperation strategic partners:establish cooperative relationship with first-class international freight forwarders, with clear price advantages and guarantee of space in peak and low seasons,we are direct contract agents of APL, CMA, MAERSK, OOCL, MSC, k-line, COSCO, YANGMING, EVERGREEN, TSLINES... has a clear price advantage. Among them, the Middle East/red sea/north Africa/Australia/Europe and the United States route, the freight rate is very competitive in the market.
With a large overseas agent network:the world's service routes have been throughout South Korea and Japan, southeast Asia, India and Pakistan, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Europe, the United States and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, central and South America and other parts of the world, to provide customers with a full range of international transport services.
A large-scale Heatsink module production base in central China will be established, and Heatsink will be standardized to compress the cost and supply to the world. COOLER Production capacity: 4KK/ year, Heatsink: 30KK/ year.
Regards dongguan, Taiwan as &D base, recruit excellent people, expand new product research and development, will complete open - testing - certification - mass production process more efficient.
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Has a complete integrated service system: including the early engineering and technical personnel to quickly answer the technical advice, to respond to your needs, to develop suitable products for you, to provide reasonable and reliable advice;Commitment to product quality, delivery time, to provide specific cooling solutions.We will continue to strive to provide you with the best quality products and services.
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