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Forced air cooling is a heat dissipation method that uses increasing air flow as a medium to realize the cooling of heat source parts. By increasing the heat dissipation surface area of ​​the heat source component and accelerating the rate of air flowing through the object per unit time, two methods can quickly achieve good heat dissipation performance. Increasing the heat dissipation area can be achieved by installing a heat sink on the surface of the heat source element. Generally, the heat sink is tightly fixed on the heat source element to obtain higher heat dissipation efficiency. Fans (fans) can be used to increase air flow to enhance ventilation and enhance cooling effects. In most cases, the fan plus the heat sink can greatly improve the cooling efficiency. Forced air cooling is often used for cooling and heat dissipation of internal combustion engines. We can see that the exterior of internal combustion engines on cars or motorcycles is not only designed to be toothed, but also equipped with a forced air-cooled exhaust port shield. , The design of the toothed sheet is to increase the heat dissipation area, and the fan in the exhaust hood is used to strengthen the air flow on the surface of the internal combustion engine, so that the engine can quickly cool down and ensure normal operation. In recent years, Tongyu Thermal Energy has strengthened the research and development of the application of forced air cooling technology, and realized forced air cooling for the heat dissipation of wind energy converters, photovoltaic inverters, SVG and other high-power machines. The use of high-power shovel-tooth radiator + fan or high-power shovel-tooth radiator + heat pipe can greatly improve the heat dissipation efficiency.
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Natural Convection
Natural cooling is the most commonly used heat dissipation method. Natural cooling is a cooling method that uses the high thermal conductivity of the material (mainly refers to the profile) to take away heat and dissipate the heat into the air. That is, when there is no specific wind speed requirement, the natural convection heat sink is copper-aluminum heat sink, heat-dissipating aluminum extrusion, heat-dissipating machining or heat-dissipating alloy casting to realize the heat dissipation of the product. Tongyu Thermal Energy focuses on high-power heat dissipation, and has made breakthroughs in natural cooling technology research and development in recent years. For example: independently developed high-density shoveling gear technology to achieve ultra-thin gears, ultra-fine spacing, and ultra-high multiples of the radiator body The production of the structure can completely replace the heat dissipation technology of the insert, with the advantages of larger heat dissipation area, one-time forming, 100% profile thermal conductivity, and higher heat dissipation performance; in the process innovation of profile heat sink, the most advanced friction welding welding technology is adopted , To solve the technical bottleneck that the profile cannot meet the needs of ultra-wide body heat dissipation, and successfully achieve a breakthrough in greater heat dissipation power and larger heat dissipation structure.Technological innovation is the cornerstone of the rapid development of Tongyu Thermal Energy. Through in-depth research on natural cooling technology, it has achieved higher heat dissipation efficiency, while using new technology to provide customers with better optimized heat dissipation solutions, which has won praise from many industry customers. Tongyu Thermal’s natural cooling radiators are widely used: uninterruptible power supply (UPS) heat dissipation, special power supply heat dissipation, medium and high voltage inverter heat dissipation, solar energy storage heat dissipation, power battery heat dissipation, rail transit motor heat dissipation, etc.
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Dongguan Tongyu Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 with a registered capital of 20 million Hong Kong dollars. Headquartered in Dongkeng Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, it is a professional technology company specializing in the research, development, production and sales of avionics, communications, and server radiators. With Tongyu as its core brand, the company's products and services cover the fields of big data systems, integrated refrigeration equipment, LED lighting, communications and aviation power applications.
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