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Liquid cooling
Liquid cooling technology is cooling technology of using the liquid flow to take heat away rapidly. Liquid-cooling application refers to the use of liquid-cooling cooling plates (also known as water-cooling cooling plates and liquid-cooling radiators) installed at the heat source, together with heat exchangers and heat exchange pumps, to dissipate heat by circulating liquid flow. Generally, liquid cooling technology is applied in the environment where forced convection or phase change system cannot achieve the heat dissipation effect and the heat energy density is extremely high.

Tongyu Thermal increases the liquid cooling technology constantly in R&D, especially in the water-cooled product production process innovation. We obtained a number of technical patents in the copper pipe automatic bending, extrusion die, pressure pipe, adhesion welding and other technical processes, made the water-cooled plate welding more stable, greatly reduces the water-cooled plate leakage and other bad phenomena, and improved the reliability of water-cooled plate heat dissipation. Through the technical treatment of the surface of the liquid cooling plate,we can realize the contact with the heat source better and improve the efficiency of heat dissipation.
Provide a variety of type selection of water-cooling structure:
Embedded pipe forming water-cooled flow passage + pipe joint
Profile extruded water cooled runner + welding
Machine formed water cooling runner + welding
Die-casting water cooled runner + welding
SVG water cooled cooling solution
Drawings and requirements provided by SVG customers:
Technical Description
(1)Design the cooling power of the water-cooled radiator is 920wx2=1840w;
(2)Pressure ≤ 7bar/30min, no leakage;
(3)Using environment temperature: from - 45 ℃ to 45 ℃;
(4)Flow resistance of water cooling plate:<50KPa, 11L/min, volume density: 50% water +50% ethylene glycol solution;
(5)Inlet temperature is 60 ℃, the highest surface temperature is below 90 ℃, temperature difference is 3 ℃.
Schematic diagram of SVG water cooling radiator simulation design model and related parameters:
Heat dissipation parameter
Adopt water cooling cooling method, material is Al6063-t6, water cooling plate flow resistance:<50KPa, 11L/min,
volume density: 50% water +50% ethylene glycol solution; Inlet temperature is 60 ℃, there is no medium between the water pipes with IGBT.
Simulation results of section temperature loss in water-cooled plate:
inlet temperature: 60℃;
output temperature: 63.84 ℃;  
volume flow rate:11L/min.
Simulation results diagram of cross-section velocity distribution in water-cooled plate:
Simulation results diagram of cross-section flow trajectory in water-cooled plate:
Simulation results diagram of section pressure change in water cooling plate:
inlet pressure:102727.78Pa;
outlet pressure:101325.02Pa;
pressure drop:1402.76Pa.
Simulation diagram of IGBT water cooling plate shell temperature change:
Maximum temperature: 85.25℃;
Temperature difference of water cooled plate: 83.22℃-82.39℃=0.83℃
Less than the requirements of 3℃, meet the design requirement.
Simulation diagram of temperature change of GBT water cooled plate housing:
COOLING SOLUTION 50% water +50% ethylene glycol IGBT center temperature ℃
Highest temperature of water cooling plate Volume rate of flow Inlet temperature Pressure drawdown #1 #2 Temperature difference
WATER COOLED PLATE 85.25℃ 11L/min 60℃ 1402.8Pa 82.39 83.22 0.83
Water-cooled cooling solution provides joint selection:
Water-cooled cooling solution provides pipeline selection:
  • heat1_11.webp
    corrugated tube
  • heat1_12.webp
    straight tube
  • heat1_13.webp
    forming tube

Has a complete integrated service system: including the early engineering and technical personnel to quickly answer the technical advice, to respond to your needs, to develop suitable products for you, to provide reasonable and reliable advice;Commitment to product quality, delivery time, to provide specific cooling solutions.We will continue to strive to provide you with the best quality products and services.
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