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Forced air cooling
Forced air cooling is a heat dissipation method to realize the cooling of heat source parts by increasing the flow of air as a medium. By increasing the heat dissipation surface area of heat source and accelerating the air flow rate per unit time, good heat dissipation performance can be achieved quickly. Increasing the heat dissipation area can be achieved by installing heat sinks on the surface of the heat source. Generally, the heat sinks are fixed tightly on the heat source to achieve higher heat dissipation efficiency. To increase air flow, fans (fans) can be used to enhance ventilation and cooling effect. In most cases, the cooling efficiency can be greatly improved by adding heat sinks to the fan.

Forced air cooling is often used for cooling and heat dissipation of internal combustion engines. We can see that the external part of internal combustion engines on automobiles or motorcycles is not only designed as tooth flakes, but also equipped with a forced air-cooled exhaust hood, which is designed to increase the heat dissipation area, while the fan in the exhaust hood is used to enhance the air flow on the surface of internal combustion engines. Fast cooling of engine to ensure normal operation.

In recent years, Tongyu thermal energy has strengthened the research and development of forced air cooling technology, and realized the application of forced air cooling to heat dissipation of wind power converters, photovoltaic inverters, SVG and other high-power machines. The heat dissipation efficiency can be greatly improved by using the heat dissipation mode of high-power spade radiator + fan or high-power spade radiator + heat pipe.
provide a variety of natural cooling and cooling technology options, and provide customized natural cooling and cooling schemes:
Air-cooled + Profile Radiator
Air-cooled and Friction Welded Radiator
Solution to Forced Air Cooling Heat Dissipation of Photovoltaic Inverter
Design input and specification requirements:
Wastage term Single loss(W)
Number of devices Single loss(W)
Model Ambient temperature(℃)
Design temperature of heat dissipation(℃)
IGBT Template 426W 1 426W FS150R12KT3 60 100
Total     426W  
Photovoltaic Inverter Simulation Model and Heat Dissipation Design Parameters:
3pcs 6025 fan,5 mm away from the front panel, the corresponding opening rate of the panel is 65%, using aluminum radiator, thermal conductive medium:7762 grease 0.1mm,K=4W/m*K.
Instructions and parameters for fan operation:
Initial design matching C6025M12BPLB1w-7 Fan(Parameters:12V,4500RPM,34.13dBA)
Scheme use NMB2410ML-04W-B80 Fan(Parameters:12V,7800RPM,46dBA)
The initial design matches the thermal simulation temperature sketch of the fan:
The scheme uses fan thermal simulation temperature schematic diagram:
The simulation results show that the original design radiator+C6025 fan IGBT Guest temperature 151℃,Scheme matching NMB6025 fan,IGBT Guest temperature 145℃,Two fans have the same speed, noise, voltage and life, so NMB is the preferred fan.
The initial design matches the thermal simulation temperature sketch of the fan:
Data summary:
(1)The scheme adopts all-aluminium spade heat sink+NMB6025ML 7800RPM Fan,Size of radiator is unchanged, base plate thickness is unchanged, tooth thickness is 0.8 mm, total 73 fins, spacing: 2.3 mm, spatula aluminum radiator.
(2)Special attention: There is no gap between the adjusting fan and the front panel to prevent air reflux.(If there is a gap of 5 mm according to the original design, the air will flow back and the temperature will increase by 6℃.)
(3)The simulation results show that the IGBT shell temperature is 94.2℃,Customer-compliant 100℃。
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