Motor housing
Aluminum motor housing is widely used, it has the advantages of high strength, light weight and better heat dissipation performance. Also has beautiful and generous surface, not only has corrosion resistance, but also don’t need any cutting for bore. It has small size, light weight, simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, environmentally friendly production process, high production efficiency as well as convenient transportation and storage, so majority of motor manufacturers prefer them.

TONGYU Thermal is a high-power heat dissipation manufacturer, focusing on the thermal management of the parts. In the field of motor housing, TONGYU Thermal engineers can consider the cooling problem of the motor housing before designing. According to the heat dissipation requirements to design the appearance of the motor housing and the shape and size of the tooth blade, if limited by the specific environment, we can also design to add forced air cooling, liquid cooling and other heat dissipation technology.
Mathematical Model Shape and Simplified Structural Diagram of Automotive Driving Motor
Mesh schematic diagram at stator
Mesh schematic diagram at stator
Drawing of waterway grid
Mesh sketch of air gap between motor winding and stator rotor
Grid schematic diagram of motor heat dissipation model
Schematic diagram of cooling water pressure simulation
Drawing of Velocity Vector Simulation of Cooling Water
Temperature simulation sketch of cooling water
Temperature simulation sketch of winding
Temperature simulation sketch of outer casing
Temperature simulation diagram of stator core
Temperature simulation sketch of rotor system
According to the simulation model and schematic diagram, it can be seen that the heat in some areas of the waterway is still too concentrated and there is room for improvement, which will be reflected in the improved scheme. The understanding of the improved scheme can be contacted with customer service.
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