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Tongyu Thermal Energy Huizhou Shuangyue Bay Anniversary Group Building Tour has come to a successful
release time:2020-07-27 14:25:32Publisher: Tycooler
2020 To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the establishment of Tongyu Thermal Energy, and at the same time to further enhance the communication and exchanges between the teams, and enhance the cohesion and cooperation spirit of the team, on July 25, 2020, Tongyu Thermal Energy organized employees and some of their families to go to Huidong. Shuangyuewan started a two-night trip to Sahuan.

The sunshine is still the same, and the enthusiasm is not diminished. After 4 and a half hours of journey, we arrived at the beautiful Shuangyue Bay (it was very congested on weekends, really very congested!), and arrived at our place of residence-"Shuangyuewan Vanke" The second phase of the villa. Due to the large number of people entering the Huizhou scenic spot on weekends, we were stuck on the road most of the time. After arriving at the place of residence, we unloaded our bags to enjoy the evening beauty of Shuangyue Bay, so we began to prepare dinner-hot pot feast.

     In order to have a better living and playing experience, the company rented a single-family villa for this group construction trip. All employees and their families ate hot pot together, sang K together, and sang hi while eating; really realized that being a family (with the same Yu Ren) joy.


After a night’s rest, we set off towards the beach early the next morning-"Speedboat out to sea-ride the wind and waves", sit on the new speedboat that has just been in the water for 15 days, ride the wind and waves, feel the sun, the sun and the blue sea, and look at the distant Little Star Mountain- Snorkeling base in Shuangyue Bay, come to have a close contact with the sea.

After snorkeling, we were recommended by the speedboat brother. Come to fishermen’s house near Shuangyue Bay to enjoy seafood lunch, because of fresh seafood + fishermen’s farming practices, maybe more because we are exhausted and hungry after snorkeling. This lunch is exceptionally delicious and truly experience Go to Huizhou fishing village for authentic food.           


           I sigh that time goes by so fast, every time I rest, I set sail better. After this team building activity, the friends of Tongyu Thermal Energy have gained happiness, unity and friendship, a spirit of cooperation, and hard work, which will be the goal of our common struggle "Committed to doing: global thermal management solution provider and production "Quotient" adds energy. One person can go very fast, and a group of people can go very far. Tongyu people will continue to actively cooperate in the team, work efficiently in the post, persevere in innovation, and provide global customers with cost-effective cooling solutions and high-quality radiators.    
Has a complete integrated service system: including the early engineering and technical personnel to quickly answer the technical advice, to respond to your needs, to develop suitable products for you, to provide reasonable and reliable advice;Commitment to product quality, delivery time, to provide specific cooling solutions.We will continue to strive to provide you with the best quality products and services.
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